Inclusionary Housing: How to Get It Done

How IHI can Help

The Innovative Housing Institute is an experienced non-profit whose core expertise is in planning for and implementing inclusionary housing. IHI’s staff is a small yet efficient team that will work with you as you work towards your inclusionary, fair and affordable housing goals.

The Innovative Housing Institute has worked with several cities and counties around Baltimore, MD, where the organization is based but has also done work in seven other states. For example, in Decatur, GA, IHI worked with the city and private developers to plan for a mixed income development in the heart of the city. In Saratoga Springs, NY, IHI provided inclusionary housing advice and conducted workshops with developers to aid in the preparation of a City ordinance. IHI also developed an affordable housing strategy in Isle of Wight County, VA. These are just a few examples from the very large body of diverse work done by IHI.

IHI is led by Patrick Maier, the Executive Director.  IHI’s board of national experts, associates and staff members work together to prepare housing need studies, guide the development of housing strategies and provide consulting assistance to communities and governments considering inclusionary policies.

IHI’s staff, associates and board members have years of experience working:

With local, state and federal government in the areas of

  • government relations and programs
  • planning and  land use policies and
  • fair housing challenges and consent decrees

On the financial end of housing in

  • transactions and financing
  • financing  public and private programs
  • urban real estate development  from acquisition to management and
  • asset management  for nonprofit and private owners

With you to help with

  • affirmatively furthering fair housing
  • organizational  improvement and  effectiveness
  • strategic planning and reorganization
  • community development  including mixed-income and inclusionary strategies and programs
  • tenant relations and relocation assistance and
  • redevelopment and rehabilitation activities
  • technical compliance with tax credit and other programs

The Innovative Housing Institute is fulfilling the goals of the Inclusionary Housing Movement by getting more people, businesses and municipalities involved. If you are interested in moving towards a more inclusive housing community but aren’t sure how to go about it, IHI can help. And, as a non-profit organization, we are fortunate to have the support of a variety of donors. This allows us to provide sophisticated consulting services at a lower rate than many for-profit consultants. Let us help you with your housing challenges!

One service we offer is a two day Diagnosis and Preliminary Recommendation visit to your community. During that visit we meet with governmental, business and civic leadership, review current programs and activities, evaluate the local market, and prepare a set of preliminary recommendations. These recommendations can become the basis for the formation of a civic coalition or “blue ribbon committee” that unites varying interests in carrying forward the work necessary to adopt policy changes.

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To provide food for thought we’ve provided links to a number of articles and studies that may be helpful to you in getting started.  Let us know when you’re ready to make it real.

Ordinance adoption phase

Administrative implementation

Specific locales