December 2016


September 2016

  • IHI Executive Director, Patrick Maier, Appears on MPT. View Video.


May 2016

  • An analysis of research and empirical data on the viability of inclusionary housing programs finds that such programs can succeed at producing quality affordable housing and do not lead to significant declines in overall housing production or increases in market-rate prices. “Separating Fact from Fiction to Design Effective Programs,” released today by the National Housing Conference, finds that the effectiveness of inclusionary housing programs depends on characteristics of the local economic and housing markets where the program will be implemented. Download the Report.


February 2016

  • Impatient with the pace of change following last spring’s turmoil in Baltimore, a grassroots organization has formed to push for implementation of the federal Sustainable Communities Initiative (SCI). Called the Opportunity Coalition, the new group will educate, organize and push for positive changes in regional planning and cooperation in the City of Baltimore and the greater Baltimore region. The official launch of the Coalition is 2.17.16. For more details click here.

October 2015

September 2015

August 2015

June 2015

  • The unanimous decision of the California Supreme Court confirms that jurisdictions are able to require residential inclusion as an integral part of their community, just like planning for a school site, a police station, or new parkland. This reflects the recognition that affordable housing is a critical part of any community, and that its inclusion as part of market oriented development is a legitimate exercise of the police power. California Supreme Court Upholds Affordable Housing Ordinance.

May 2015

March 2015

  • De Blasio proposes to increase affordable housing in New York City. He hopes that with mandatory inclusionary zoning, New York will add 80,000 new affordable housing units by 2024.  The Innovative Housing Institute touts benefits of inclusionary housing that extend beyond educational opportunities in Is Inclusionary Housing the New Normal for High-Cost Places?
  •  IHI provided services to the City of Chicago’s Department of Planning and Development. Working with City staff and a 26 member Task Force made up of civic leaders and members of the development community, IHI evaluated economic feasibility of a number of alternative approaches to on-site provision of affordable homes and in-lieu fees and provided information on best practices and policy alternatives nationally and participated in every meeting of the Task Force.   The result of this effort was the adoption of an amendment to the ARO on March 19, 2015 that greatly improves and strengthens the existing law. The context of the evaluation and revamping of the ARO are described in Chicago’s report on this effort: Affordable Requirements Ordinance- Proposed Enhancements December 2014.

February 2015

  • IHI completed an extensive, multi-year housing study for the Baltimore Metropolitan Council as part of a Sustainable Communities Regional Planning grant. The plan, entitled Strong Communities, Strong Region, is designed to improve access to affordable housing throughout the Baltimore region. IHI led a consortium consisting of University of Maryland Center for Smart Growth, BAE Urban Economics, and the Jacob France Institute at the University of Baltimore in preparing the Regional Housing Plan for the Baltimore Metropolitan Region. The plan includes a Fair Housing Equity Assessment and a set of recommendations for improving fair housing choice and sustainability for the region. A number of the report’s recommendations address actions that will expand and preserve the supply of affordable housing.  An important aspect of the development of the plan was IHI’s leadership in developing consensus among the disparate communities that make up the Baltimore region, together with the development and advocacy community that drives many affordable housing initiatives. This was accomplished successfully, and the completed plan is one that focuses strongly on access to opportunity, an often contentious issue within the regional context.

December 2014

  • After months of hard work along side City of Chicago staff, we have released a set of recommendations that could greatly improve the City’s inclusionary housing policies. Read about what we’ve been up to!


  • The Florida Chapter of the American Planning Association enlisted IHI Executive Director and Board Member Jaimie Ross to participate in a great webinar designed to help you make the case for implementing the most effective smart growth policies for ensuring that your community has an adequate supply of housing for the continuum of need. They will specifically address inclusionary zoning, community land trusts, accessory dwelling units, and tools for avoiding and overcoming NIMBYism. Join them December 3rd at 1:00 EST. Register here!

September 2014

  • Join IHI at the National Housing Conference’s Solutions 2014 Conference in Oakland, California! The Inclusive Communities track will have great conversations about what communities across the country are doing to provide affordable housing in high opportunity areas. Learn all about it on the NHC website!


  • After more than a year of hard work and collaboration, IHI and the Opportunity Collaborative have released a draft of the Regional Housing Plan and Fair Housing Equity Assessment (FHEA). Read it here!

July 2014

  • NHC’s Robert Hickey has written a great new report about Inclusionary Upzoning. Read it here!


  • The IHI Team is excited to be working with the City of Chicago on the Mayor’s latest project! IHI will moderate the Advisory Panel process and help City staff translate the recommendations into improved inclusionary housing policies for the residents of Chicago. Read about it here!  


June 2014

  • IHI Board member Jaimie Ross was quoted in a Tampa Tribune Article! Read what she had to say. View Full Story
  • Baltimore’s Citizens Planning & Housing Associations writes about participating in an Inclusionary Housing tour conducted by Innovative Housing Institute and Baltimore Metropolitan Council. View Full Story
  • IHI founding Board Member Alexander Polikoff is leading an interesting discussion:  A Moral Imperative for Housing Mobility? Alexander Polikoff, Co-Director, Public Housing Program, and Senior Staff Counsel, BPI; Tuesday, June 17, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM ET at HUD.  RSVP by email to

April 2014

  • Rent is Rising Out of Reach of Middle Class in Many Cities.  IHI’s BOD member, Jaimie, Ross, of Florida Housing Coalition, states that “the market has never corrected itself and it’s only getting worse”.  View Full Story
  • Amicus brief in CA inclusionary zoning case:  An amicus brief was filed in support of the City of San Jose’s inclusionary housing ordinance which has been challenged by the California Building Industry Association.  The brief of housing scholars  includes  a number of contributions from IHI Board Member David Rusk, as well as the findings of Heather Schwartz’s landmark study of  school performance of students that lived in inclusionary housing  contrasted with other students that did not have the same benefit of integrative residential settings.  View Amicus Brief

February 2014

  • After the Downturn:  New Challenges and Opportunities for Inclusionary Housing.  View Full Story

November 2013

  • U.S. Dept of Housing and Urban Development: Study on Expanding Housing Opportunities through Inclusionary Zoning.  View Full Story
  • Ira Glass’s This American Life series that focuses on how so much depends on where you grow up in determining your life chances:  This radio show drew on the Pro Publica series on the failures of Fair Housing enforcement by Nikole Hannah Smith.  that included a positive piece about Montgomery County: The Wealthy County That Could.
  • The Baltimore County Council, utilizing the State of Maryland’s “local approval” requirement for the funding of State assisted affordable housing, rejected a planned tax credit development for families.  View Full Story

October 21, 2013

Here Comes the Neighborhood.  View Full Story

August 19, 2013

Manhattan Building Will Have Separate Entrance for Poor People.  View Full Story

August 15, 2013

Report Finds a City Incentive Is Not Producing Enough Affordable Housing. View Full Story

July 27, 2013

Denver’s decade-long effort to stimulate affordable-housing development is broken, prompting a broad revamping of the plan. The Inclusionary Housing Ordinance was designed to add hundreds, even thousands, of below-market-rate homes for Denver wage earners. But the law has not delivered as planned. View Full Story

July 22, 2013

In Climbing Income Ladder, Location Matters.  View Full Story

Spring 2013

Inclusionary Zoning and Mixed-Income Communities. View Full Story