Inclusionary Housing

The Innovative Housing Institute advocates for providing quality affordable housing in communities throughout the nation, primarily through the policies and practices known as Inclusionary Housing.


September 2015

August 2015

June 2015

  • The unanimous decision of the California Supreme Court confirms that jurisdictions are able to require residential inclusion as an integral part of their community, just like planning for a school site, a police station, or new parkland. This reflects the recognition that affordable housing is a critical part of any community, and that its inclusion as part of market oriented development is a legitimate exercise of the police power. California Supreme Court Upholds Affordable Housing Ordinance.

May 2015

March 2015

  • De Blasio proposes to increase affordable housing in New York City. He hopes that with mandatory inclusionary zoning, New York will add 80,000 new affordable housing units by 2024.  The Innovative Housing Institute touts benefits of inclusionary housing that extend beyond educational opportunities in Is Inclusionary Housing the New Normal for High-Cost Places?
  •  IHI provided services to the City of Chicago’s Department of Planning and Development. Working with City staff and a 26 member Task Force made up of civic leaders and members of the development community, IHI evaluated economic feasibility of a number of alternative approaches to on-site provision of affordable homes and in-lieu fees and provided information on best practices and policy alternatives nationally and participated in every meeting of the Task Force.   The result of this effort was the adoption of an amendment to the ARO on March 19, 2015 that greatly improves and strengthens the existing law. The context of the evaluation and revamping of the ARO are described in Chicago’s report on this effort: Affordable Requirements Ordinance- Proposed Enhancements December 2014.

Program Management

As a service oriented nonprofit, IHI is able to assist other organizations through the provision of qualified staff and associates in consulting and program management.