Inclusionary Housing

The Innovative Housing Institute advocates for providing quality affordable housing in communities throughout the nation, primarily through the policies and practices known as Inclusionary Housing.


December 2014

  • After months of hard work along side City of Chicago staff, we have released a set of recommendations that could greatly improve the City’s inclusionary housing policies. Read about what we’ve been up to!


  • The Florida Chapter of the American Planning Association enlisted IHI Executive Director and Board Member Jaimie Ross to participate in a great webinar designed to help you make the case for implementing the most effective smart growth policies for ensuring that your community has an adequate supply of housing for the continuum of need. They will specifically address inclusionary zoning, community land trusts, accessory dwelling units, and tools for avoiding and overcoming NIMBYism. Join them December 3rd at 1:00 EST. Register here!


September 2014

  • Join IHI at the National Housing Conference’s Solutions 2014 Conference in Oakland, California! The Inclusive Communities track will have great conversations about what communities across the country are doing to provide affordable housing in high opportunity areas. Learn all about it on the NHC website!


  • After more than a year of hard work and collaboration, IHI and the Opportunity Collaborative have released a draft of the Regional Housing Plan and Fair Housing Equity Assessment (FHEA). Read it here!


July 2014

  • NHC’s Robert Hickey has written a great new report about Inclusionary Upzoning. Read it here!


  • The IHI Team is excited to be working with the City of Chicago on the Mayor’s latest project! IHI will moderate the Advisory Panel process and help City staff translate the recommendations into improved inclusionary housing policies for the residents of Chicago. Read about it here!  



June 2014

  • IHI Board member Jaimie Ross was quoted in a Tampa Tribune Article! Read what she had to say. View Full Story
  • Baltimore’s Citizens Planning & Housing Associations writes about participating in an Inclusionary Housing tour conducted by Innovative Housing Institute and Baltimore Metropolitan Council. View Full Story
  • IHI founding Board Member Alexander Polikoff is leading an interesting discussion:  A Moral Imperative for Housing Mobility? Alexander Polikoff, Co-Director, Public Housing Program, and Senior Staff Counsel, BPI; Tuesday, June 17, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM ET at HUD.  RSVP by email to


April 2014

Program Management

As a service oriented nonprofit, IHI is able to assist other organizations through the provision of qualified staff and associates in consulting and program management.